1st Bonn Nanobody Symposium

Bonn ∙ September 5th and 6th, 2019

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Single domain antibodies derived from the variable domains of camelid heavy chain-only antibodies (VHHs), also known as nanobodies, have emerged as versatile research tools with applications in diverse fields. These include structural biology, synthetic biology, cell biology, biochemistry, advanced microscopy techniques, non-invasive diagnostic imaging techniques, and immunotherapy. Nanobodies are thus applied in basic research, diagnostics, and clinical applications. Apart from research, nanobodies are anticipated to significantly impact society and economy, as illustrated by a number of nanobody-based therapeutics in late stages of clinical development.

While the value of nanobodies is well recognized in specific research communities, expertise on the practical development and use of these tools is dispersed over disciplines with little exchange. For the first time, this symposium strives to bring together scientists from diverse yet complementary disciplines to exchange knowledge, methods, and tools to advance the field and initiate new collaborations. To maximize overlap and synergistic research endeavors, we will target selected international scientists as well as the most accomplished laboratories in Europe, including promising young investigators.

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