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  Western diet induces inflammation and trained immunity

The latest research by Dr. Anette Christ and Prof. Eicke Latz has shown that a ‘Western Diet’, rich in refined sugars, salt and saturated fat, activates the immune system similarly than a pathogenic infection. Experiments have been mainly performed in a genetically modified mouse model for atherosclerosis – the LDLR-/- mouse.  Even long-term after replacing Western Diet by a healthy diet, cells of the innate immune system showed hyper-responsiveness towards certain stimuli. This...[more]


  Prof. Eicke Latz wins Leibniz prize

Prof. Eicke Latz from the Institute of Innate Immunity and Prof. Veit Hornung from the LMU in Munich received the prestigious german research 'Leibniz-Preis'. The two scientists share the prize worth €2.5 million.See Links below for more informations.University of Bonn:[more]


  CRC/Transregio 83 – DFG grants a third funding period

The Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 83 “Molecular Architecture and Cellular Functions of Lipid/Protein Assemblies”, a joint network in lipid research of the universities of Heidelberg, Dresden, and Bonn, will continue its work in a third funding period. Eicke Latz and Dagmar Wachten from the Institute of Innate Immunity together with Thorsten Lang from the Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES) of the University of Bonn collaborate with partners from Heidelberg and...[more]


  Ring-shaped sugar helps against atherosclerosis in mice

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death worldwide. Cholesterol crystals are considered to be one of the early triggers of the underlying inflammation driving atherosclerosis progression. Alena Grebe, a PhD student in Prof. Eicke Latz’s lab, in collaboration with Dr. Sebastian Zimmer from the Department of Medicine II from the University Hospital Bonn discovered that “Cyclodextrin“, a ring-shaped sugar molecule, removes cholesterol crystal deposits from...[more]


  Wellcome Trust Conference: Innate Immune Memory

Postdoctoral Fellow Larisa Labzin wins Poster Price[more]


  First PhD student graduates

Larisa Labzin becomes the first student to successfully complete her Doctorate at the institute[more]


  Young Investigator Award presented at 37th ELC Meeting

PhD student Alena Grebe receives Presentation Prize[more]


  Not even cell death can stop the alarm

Exciting institute discovery reveals extracellular activity of inflammasomes[more]


  Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Scientists 2014

Prof. Eicke Latz among World's Most Influential Scientists[more]


  4th KardioWIND Meeting, May 2014

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Bayer presentation prizes awarded to institute researchers[more]

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