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  2nd Immuno-Metabolic Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis Conference

Prof. Eicke Latz is hosting the 2nd Immuno-Metabolic Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis Conference 01 Mar 2020 - 04 Mar 2020 in Nassau, the Bahamas[more]


  New link explaining how immunometabolic switches in macrophages result in qualitative changes of transcription after innate immune activation

A teamwork by the scientists from the Institute of Innate Immunity, the Braunschweig Integrated Center of Systems Biology (BRICS) and the Protein Analysis Unit at the Institute for Molecular Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich has revealed how macrophages adopt their metabolism early after activation to regulate TLR-inducible gene induction. Lauterbach et al. have identified that macrophages increased glycolysis and tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle volume shortly after TLR4...[more]


  Inflammatory connection of Western diet and the immune system in Immunity

Authors Christ, Lauterbach and Latz discuss recent research explaining how Western-type diets and chronic overnutrition combined with a sedentary lifestyle induce metaflammation. The article discusses how metaflammation drives the development of many non-communicable diseases, and how these lifestyle-associated pathologies are a rising public health problem with global epidemic dimensions. It is outlined how new knowledge about the mechanisms involved can be translated to protect the public...[more]